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My Gift To you:

Gift no. 1 - The Silver Tree Necklace

When I am on tour and far away from my family, we call each other at night and before falling asleep we say "meet me at the silver tree". If I could take you somewhere with my music, I'd take you to that tree. A place where we can connect with each other and discover who we are and why we're here.

Gift no. 2 - A Piece Of My Guitar

My father always says "It's so good to learn an instrument because then you're never alone, and it's true. My guitar has been an essential friend and companion since I started playing at age 10. Giving you this piece of palo santo, is like giving you a piece of my heart, because my guitar is made from Palo Santo.

Gift no. 3 - A Handwritten Postcard

Included in the starter pack is a handwritten Erik Sjøholm postcard with a personal greeting and signature, my way of saying hello and giving you a big welcome to the family hug!

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